Very High Frequency Transducer

Key Features:

General Description: Technical Specifications:

The Electro-Voice DH3/2010A is a high-performance compression driver optimized for use as the super-tweeter component in professional sound reinforcement systems. Precise engineering, along with careful selection of materials and advanced driver architecture, has resulted in a driver that is ideally suited for the most demanding presentation of high quality music and communications program.

Incorporating Electro-Voice’s exclusive Ring Mode Decoupling (RMDtm) through all design phases has produced drivers with unmatched accuracy while minimizing any acoustic resonance, or time domain ringing throughout the driver structure.

Exceptional high-frequency performance is realized through a design which includes a specially formed lightweight titanium diaphragm and low-mass voice coil, a unique convex-drive phase plug and optimum magnetic motor design, leading to compact but sensible size and weight.

Electro-Voice’s commitment to precision compression driver manufacturing and modern design techniques assure the DH3/2010A user the highest level of audio and engineering excellence.

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1 Power capacity per AES standard. Continuous pink noise, 2000 - 20,000 Hz with a 6 dB crest factor, 2 hours. 2 Sound Pressure measured on axis in the far field with 1 Watt input of band-limited pink noise from 1500 - 5000 Hz and calculated to 1 Meter equivalent by inverse square law.